So, I woke up without _________ (Series)

(This is going to be a series). The blank is bones. Yes, I woke up being a boneless-blob-that-can’t-do-anything-person-or-something. So, I went to stand up, but, of course, I can’t do that without my skeletal system. Then, I tried calling my mom and dad. Okay, I want to tell you something… I can’t do anything. Literally. And, I’m dumb… And it didn’t work, cause I don’t have a jaw bone. So I just simply waited.. and waited.. and waited.. !FUN FACT! While I’m waiting, I’ll share a fun fact. Did you know, Bones protect your organs… UH OH, I’M DONE FOR!!! Soon, it is 8 a.m., and my mom checks in and, well, you probably know what happend… She rushed me to the hospital, but they can’t do anything. But, at exactly 12 p.m., I felt weird. I felt… BONES!!! And I’ve been normal ever since…

One thought on “So, I woke up without _________ (Series)

  1. Hi Judah,
    Your bones story is fun to read. The lack of speech was really insightful and made the story tragic and giggly at the same time. Keep up the blogging.
    Ms. D

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